Friday, June 30, 2006

Home on 8th

We recently went to Home on 8th at 391 8th Ave between 29th and 30th St in Manhattan. Home on 8th is a Chinese restaurant that isn't strictly vegetarian, but has a vegetarian (mostly vegan) menu that's as big as (if not bigger than) their non-vegetarian menu.

Soy Drumsticks
These were okay. They were softer than usual and had no seasoning- just lightly fried soy meat on a stick with duck sauce. Nothing extraordinary but still inherently tasty. I remember liking them better before; maybe this was just an off day. -Ev
These were similar to most fake drumsticks you can find at NYC vegetarian restaurants. Their outer texture was extra crispy, which was cool. Their inner texture was a little more soft and mushy than most fake drumsticks, which I wasn't into so much. It seemed to me like they tasted more like chicken than most fake drumsticks I've had, which was actually a little weird. They were good, though. I'd order them again. -Jim

South Asian Red Curry
What my appetizer lacked in fireworks, this meal made up for. That's a little misleading because you're probably expecting me to say how spicy and fiery this was, but it wasn't spicy at all. This was a delicious, comfy, coconut curry. I usually can't handle the idea of finishing coconut dishes because they can get heavy, but this was perfect. The veggies were soft but still had good bite. There was the perfect amount of soy meat. The best part was the broccoli- specifically how well the broccoli soaked up all the delicious sauce. The sauce was at once pot-pie-ish and cheese-like, all with an undercurrent of coconut goodness. I would definitely get this dish again. -Ev
This was like Thai comfort food. Really good. -Jim

Ginger Spiced Soy meat with Fresh Garlic & Sautéed Spinach
This dish was a spinach-lovers dream. Like, to the point where you might not like it if you're not a hardcore spinach-lover. The dish consisted of some pieces of ginger chicken, which had a very satisfying texture and a sweet flavor, and about a pound of spinach. There wasn't really a sauce or much added flavor in this dish, which worked for me at first because I was in the mood for something simple and light. But halfway through it got a little old and I started adding soy sauce. To be fair, I have jaded, salt-addicted taste buds, so you might not need to add soy sauce like I did. This was a good dish, but it was a lot of the same thing. Terry from the PPK was with us and she got almost the same dish only with bok choy rather than spinach. Personally I prefer large quantities of bok choy to large quantities of spinach, so I would probably get what Terry got if I could do this over. -Jim

The Bottom Line
From their Mexican wrestler decor (mixed with an impressive Bruce Lee doll collection) to their wide variety of soy stylings, Home on 8th offers yummy, filling food for a decent price. I order lunch from them all the time and have yet to be disappointed by a dish. It's also convenient for going out with people because they have both a vegetarian and meat-eaters menu. You should know they give you a choice of white or brown rice, but the brown rice is $1 extra. I should also add that Home on 8th is all about the soy- pretty much every dish has some type of soy meat, bean curd, or tofu in it. Lastly, ask your server if there is egg in your dish. They specify in most cases, but we've been surprised before so it's better to be safe than hungry. -Ev
Home on 8th isn't fantastic, but it's consistently good and there's a nice selection of vegan options. The best part about this restaurant, though, is the location. It's tough eating vegan in midtown, and this restaurant is an oasis of soy for vegans who are working or hanging out in that area. -Jim


Anonymous brooklynkatie said...

Great to know about this place because I think it is close enough to my office for lunch delivery. Yipee! Thanks!

9:19 PM, June 30, 2006

Blogger veganfriendly said...

You're welcome! I tend to like the thinner, sauteed kinds of soychicken so I like the Chicken & Garlic Sauce, Chicken with Chinese Broccoli (which they almost always sub bok choy for- no complaints here), and the Kung Pao Chicken. The Basil Stirfry and other dishes are good but they're usually big hunks of deep-fried soymeat.


8:58 AM, July 12, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually i'm a vegan working in the financial want to know tough vegan spots in manhattan, that's absolutely top on the list! there's literally one good place i know of and they're closed a lot and not near my office. so i invariably leave food in the office fridge. ah well.

everything in the financial district is either good ol' boys club type food (swanky steak places and meat/cream heavy italian joints) and/or fast food franchise extravanganza...

which reminds me, warning, for the last year or so ALL of the au bon pain salad dressings, aka with omega 3s, contain FISH CHUM. except it's not listed as fish. i had to google the item. you could not remotely tell by the label, it was only the taste and vegan radar that made me suspicious to check. and in theory they're vegan friendly because they have that ingredients computer listing and labels and such, but really they're not even good for veggies because of that dressing stunt and related, so i refuse to give them any more money.

please keep up the yummy reviews. thanks! oh and is it larger nyc area? because if so there is more than one vegan-friendly joint in hudson cty (nj) and that's just 5-10 minutes on the path subway train etc.


5:19 PM, July 17, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Marci,

I used to work in the Financial District and two of my favorites were The Greens in Brooklyn (just one stop on the 4/5 after Bowling Green) and Little Lad's Basket. Yummy food at decent prices (and for LLB - shockingly cheap ones)

4:19 PM, September 30, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the tangy sweet and sour soy dish in the vegetarian section is amazing. ive ordered it hundreds of times. every one i let taste it ends up loving it.

im excited to try the soy drumsticks. didnt know they offered.

11:40 AM, July 10, 2009


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