Monday, October 01, 2007

Kate’s Brooklyn Joint

We finally got a chance to check out Kate’s Brooklyn Joint located at 295 Berry St between 2nd and 3rd in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Kate’s Brooklyn Joint, much like it’s Manhattan ancestor, is all vegetarian and mostly vegan.

Sesame Unchicken Wings
When I go to Kate’s joint in Manhattan, I often get the Buffalo Unchicken Wings, which are basically huge slabs of tofu, fried with a crispy breading, slathered with spicy tangy buffalo sauce and served with creamy dipping sauce. I like ‘em. The Sesame Unchicken Wings we got at Kate’s Brooklyn Joint followed the same formula (dippable slabs of tofu), except that the breading was different, there was no sauce on the tofu, and the dipping sauce was different. As much as it pains me to say anything negative about Kate’s Joint, I didn’t like these so much. While the tofu was very crispy, it wasn’t very flavorful, and while the sweet and savory dipping sauce was good, it didn’t quite make up for the blandness of the tofu. Sorry, Kate’s Joint, I’m just not into this one. -Jim

Country Hearth Salad
Having always gotten the Country Salad at Kate’s Manhizzle, I ventured to new territory to celebrate Kate’s new territory and ordered the Country Hearth Salad. Holy Yum. This salad rocked because it was a delicious combination of warm and cool. Cool crunchy lettuce, warm mushrooms and roasted potatoes, artichoke hearts, some thing tofu-y thingies and maple dressing. What is not to love? Throw in an order of their Unturkey Soup and you’ve got a comfy fall meal. -Ev

Southern Fried Tofu Cutlet Sandwich
This sandwich is one of my Kate’s Joint staples at the Manhattan location, and I’m happy to announce it was just as good at their BK location. At the heart of this sandwich was a tofu cutlet. The tofu itself didn’t have too much flavor, but the breading had great flavor and texture. That cutlet, along with lettuce, tomato and tasty vegan mayo, was put on Kate’s famous focaccia bread, which I really can’t get enough of. It was a darn good sandwich. But even better than the sandwich was the mashed potatoes and gravy, which were just perfect. Here’s a trick I like to do sometimes: get an extra side of gravy, that way you can dip the sandwich in it (yum) and make sure you have plenty of extra gravy for the mashed potatoes (also yum). I’m pretty sure you can get your choice of bread, though I can’t imagine why you’d get anything but the focaccia bread, and your choice of mashed potato vs fries, but you should get the mashed potatoes. I guess what I’m saying is that you should eat this exactly like I eat it, and, more generally, you should like the same things that I like. -Jim

The Bottom Line
So the results are in: whichever borough you venture to for grub, Kate’s Joint will bring you tasty food and swell décor. And now I have a new favorite dish to order. The only factor that remains unsolved in this Manhattan vs Brooklyn battle is the how the hotness of the BK waiters compares to the near solar temperature of Kate’s Joint NYC. We had a waitress. Pretty, but she wasn’t no Jake. Sigh. -Ev
I can’t believe this is the third time we reviewed a Kate’s Joint and we have yet to review their desserts! Kate’s Joint has really good desserts, just trust me. Some day we’ll review them. Anyway, the food at Kate’s BK Joint was pretty much identical to the food at the Manhattan Kate’s Joint, which means it was pretty darn good. It’s nice to have yet another vegan option to choose from when visiting Williamsburg. -Jim


Blogger pinkberry said...

Ev...this Jake you keep talking about....yea gonna need more adjectives. Who would play him in a mov?

I don't really fancy the food there ...I just wanna experience the hotness of Jake.

Psss I won't tell the other half ...don't read this Jim.That's an order:)

8:30 PM, October 04, 2007

Anonymous andi said...

I must move to NYC! Thanks for your awesome blog and scrumptious pictures....Im drooling

9:39 AM, October 16, 2007

Anonymous daniel said...

Kate's joint almost killed me several times. One time I was there on a date and I saw a rat the size of a small dog in their kitchen. I told the waitstaff. Another time I was eating a McKarin burger and I bit into a piece of coffee cup the size and shape of a jagged shark tooth. The waitress said, "someone else just had the same thing happen to them. so now we're telling the cooks to throw out that batch of burger mix." And I replied, "someone else had this happen and you didn't stop me from eating the burger!!!!????" She didn't have anything good to add so they offered me free deserts in exchange for almost involuntarily murdering me. Yeah, the comfort food ain't worth it if they kill your ass.

10:32 AM, December 22, 2007

Anonymous Lulu said...

did they close? i have tried to go now twice and they haven't be open

11:39 PM, April 23, 2008

Blogger BFF New York said...

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3:34 PM, April 26, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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