Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We got some dinner at Dojo at 14 W 4th St in Manhattan. Dojo is not strictly vegetarian but has several vegetarian and vegan options which, we’re told, they offered way back before NYC was the vegan paradise that it is today.

Miso Soup
Until recently I was convinced that I only like Miso Soup if the ingredients are limited to little bits of tofu, scallion and wakame. But I recently had a realization and a change of heart. The reason I prefer it with minimalist ingredients is because the broth is my favorite part and sometimes, when other ingredients are added, they overpower the broth. I’m happy to announce that this isn’t the case at Dojo. Their Miso Soup does have some extra veggie ingredients in it, but the salty, delicious broth still shines. This was the first time I ever tried the Miso Soup at Dojo and I liked it enough that I look forward to ordering it again. -Jim

Hijiki Tofu Dinner with Brown Rice
Whenever we go to Dojo I get the same thing- the Hijiki Tofu Dinner with brown rice (you can choose from fries, homefries, or rice), salad, and an extra side order of Ginger Tahini Dressing. I love this dish. It is hearty, cheap, and filling. The Hijiki Tofu patty is thick and substantial. The Asian barbeque sauce that tops it is thin, and both sweet and savory. None of the elements are overpowering, including the Hijiki. I like the texture of the patty as well; it has a thick outer crust and a crumbly but firm inside. I usually pour the entire contents of the side of dressing on top of the patty and rice, but I make sure to leave plenty of uncovered spaces too. The dressing is simply smooth, tangy and delicious. I wuv it. The rice and salad are both standard fare, but everything combines for a great meal. If you opt for the homefries instead of rice, those too are good. I don't recall ever getting the fries, but I'm sure they're good too. -Ev

Soy Burger Dinner with French Fries
Most of what Ev said about the Hijiki Tofu Dinner applies to the Soy Burger Dinner too, as they are basically the same thing except that with the Soy Burger Dinner you get (surprise surprise) a Soy Burger instead of Hijiki Tofu. There’s really nothing burger-ish about the Soy Burger. It’s just a breaded-and-fried ball of textured soy. It’s kinda mushy but just firm enough not to bother me (I’m not a big fan of mushy soy products). The burger comes pre-doused in the delicious Ginger Tahini Dressing, but I still get an extra order of the dressing on the side just like Ev, because you really can’t have enough. I also like to get avocado in the side, which I chop up and add to the salad. Oh, and I prefer the fries to the brown rice. Not the healthier choice but the yummier one in my opinion. -Jim

The Bottom Line
Dojo is one of those cheap vegetarian staples. I would advise against going there late at night and stuffing your gut, as this could lead to bellyaches, but for a quick, inexpensive meal you really can't go wrong. -Ev
Dojo is so cheap and very tasty. I like how the Soy Burger and Hijiki Dinners are 3 part meals (crisp salad, starchy fries/rice, and soy protein) all on one plate and unified by that wonderful dressing. Did we mention you should always order extra dressing? Because you should. By the way, I’m pretty sure there are other vegan-friendly options at Dojo, but you might never hear about them here because we’re so hooked on the dishes above. -Jim


Blogger bazu said...

I would mainline their carrot/ginger dressing if it was socially acceptable.

7:16 PM, October 24, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my friend used to work at dojos & she'd always tell me how unvegan it was. the hijiki tofu used to be my favorite until she told me the bbq sauce has oyster sauce in it.(it's possible things changed as it was a few years ago..)

also, of course some vegans don't care but all their food is also cooked on the same grill.

the carrot ginger sauce however is amazing.

8:12 PM, October 25, 2007

Anonymous paula said...

Cold sesame noodles!

12:29 PM, October 27, 2007

Anonymous Isa said...

Great, now I'm craving Dojos. It only happens about once a year, but when it does...

5:09 PM, October 30, 2007

Blogger amy said...

oh, hell, yes. that hijiki tofu burger has no equal.

9:52 PM, November 23, 2007

Blogger Laura said...

Does their miso soup contain bonito?

7:15 PM, November 30, 2008

Blogger NYCrochet said...

Oyster sauce doesn't usually have oyster in it. I wouldn't worry.

10:30 AM, February 08, 2009


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