Friday, April 17, 2009


We went to Stogo, a vegan ice cream parlor on 10th st between 2nd and 3rd.

Coconut and Coffee
I got two flavors in one cup. On the top is Coconut and at the bottom is Coffee. The texture of the Coconut was very creamy and the flavor was more than just coconut-y, it was vanilla-y. Which leads me to wonder if this was actually the Coconut Vanilla Bean, another flavor I see on Stogo's website. Whatever it was, it was good. The Coffee was not as creamy as the coconut but the flavor was great. Just the right mix of coffee flavor and sweetness. And of course coffee and coconut are two thirds of my holy trinity of dessert flavor which inspired a cupcake in a cookbook by our good friends Terry and Isa. -Jim

Salted Pecan Caramel
I've gotten this 2 out of 3 trips to Stogo and I really think this is the best flavor they have. The ice cream at Stogo tends to be very thick and dense, something that is undercut by the gooey caramel. The salt does well to break the sweetness of the cream, and the pecans are provide a nice contrast of texture. Next time I may even add hot caramel sauce for $1.00 more. I know! Craziness! -Ev

The Bottom Line
As summer approaches, I am getting excited about frequent vegan Ice Cream trips to Stogo! So far all the flavors I've tried range from good to awesome. They also sell pints that you can take home with you. At about $9 it's an expensive pint of ice cream. But this stuff beats the heck out of what you buy at your local grocery store. -Jim
Stogo is pretty awesome. The d├ęcor is just a sweet as their goods- slick stools inside and welcoming red benches out front. In addition to ice cream they offer Babycakes cupcakes and fine chocolates. I know I stick to one flavor when I order, but the nice thing is you can sample as many flavors as you'd like. Also- they are pretty inventive with their offerings; last night I sampled Goji Berry Crunch and Coconut Mango. And did I mention they have caramel and hot fudge for $1? I cannot wait for the summertime when their soft serve machine is up and running. I've been on the hunt for good soft serve for years and I have faith in Stogo to get it right! -Ev