Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wild Ginger

We recently went to Wild Ginger located at 380 Broome Street in Manhattan. Wild Ginger is totally vegetarian and mostly vegan.

Pumpkin Soup w/ Sweet Potato & White beans
Holy Yum was this soup good. I was expecting a blended opaque orange concoction, but this was in fact broth-based with chunks of pumpkin, sweet potato, onion, tomato and white beans. I loved this soup. It was freezing outside and this completely did the trick. The broth was light but flavorful, without being too salty. The pumpkin and sweet potato were smooth and delicious. The beans were soft but still had some give to them. As Jim said, I won the soup round for the night. I'd go for some of this soup right now. -Ev

Seitan Skewers
This appetizer consisted of two skewers with Seitan, onion and pepper. Texture is very important to me when it comes to Seitan, and while this Seitan wasn’t the best I’ve had, it was pretty good and not rubbery like some Seitan is. The best part of the skewers was the sauce on the Seitan, which was sweet and salty and good. Everything on the skewer is lightly charred and it all went together nicely. -Jim

Tempeh Satay
I'm picky about tempeh, often finding it "footy" tasting, and yet I must've known to trust Wild Ginger because this appetizer had a good taste. These were soft tempeh cubes in a sweet-salty brown sauce. The texture of the tempeh was just chewy enough and the flavor wasn't too strong. -Ev

Malaysian Curry Stew
Wild Ginger is somehow related (same owner? Same chef? Same something) to Zen Palate and Gobo, because I’ve had a dish similar to this one at both those restaurants. At Zen Palate it’s called “Curry Supremo” and at Gobo it’s called “Slow Cooked Malaysian Curry”. I’m not complaining though, because I enjoy it at all three restaurants. This dish is soy protein, carrots, potatoes, broccoli and kabocha squash (those last two ingredients being unique to the Wild Ginger variation of this dish) in curry sauce. I really like it. The sauce is thick but not in a greasy way, and the flavor is rich but not overpowering. If I have just a tiny complaint about the broccoli and kabocha. While the potatoes, carrots and soy all work with the curry sauce and absorb it’s flavor, the broccoli and kabocha stand out in a non-stewy kind of way. But overall I really enjoyed this dish and I’d totally get it again. -Jim

Spinach Salad
This was a basic salad of spinach, pine nuts, beets, chickpeas, and sprouts. The yuzu citrus dressing was tangy and light. I wish I could say more about this dish, but each ingredient tasted like you'd expect. While it was fresh and delicious, I would probably order something a little more complicated next time.- -Ev

The Bottom Line
The bad news is that Wild Ginger is a little on the pricey side and it’s small so you might have to wait for a table. But the good news is that Wild Ginger has a big menu to choose from and it seems like everything on it is good. Also, the décor is fancy in a soothing, zen kind of way. So if you can make reservations (they take reservations for parties of three or more) and you have a few extra bucks to spend, this is a good choice. -Jim
I really enjoyed my meal here, especially the soup. For what it's worth, those Vegan-Haters also known as Time Out NY had voted this the best veggie dining spot. While not the best spot in the city, the food here was absolutely delicious. -Ev


Blogger Billy said...

There's a restaurant here in Seattle called Wild Ginger as well, but this restaurant looks much better, as it's fully vegetarian. The one here isn't even close.

There are so many places to eat in NYC it's daunting.

11:50 PM, March 15, 2008

Blogger Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

This place looks great, thanks for the tip. That soup especially looks delicious. I've never seen a broth-based pumpkin soup, I'd be interested to try it!

4:25 PM, March 21, 2008

Blogger ljnova said...

Evelyn and Jim!

I loved reading your vegan restaurant reviews - thanks a million (no - maybe 10 million.)

What I would love to see are reviews on the ultimate fusion -
Organic vegan restaurants!

Keep in mind - most of the imitation meat substitutes are made with soy (most probably GMO and laden with pesticides) and non - organic wheat gluten.
In addition, Tvp (textured vegetable protein) is highly processed soy.
I'd love to see the conversion to mostly organic meat substitutes.

12:22 AM, March 25, 2008

Blogger veganfriendly said...

ljnova, We're glad you enjoy the reviews. You're welcome 10 million.

I agree it would be great if more restaurants made an effort to be organic. We've reviewed a few explicitly organic restaurants, including
Counter, Angelica Kitchen and Blossom. And I think there are other restaurants we've reviewed that use organic ingredients but don't really advertise themselves as organic (Candle 79? Sacred Chow?).

Perhaps from now on we'll try to determine how organic the restaurants are in addition to how vegan they are. Also, if you know of any organic restaurants for us to try, please let us know!

8:16 AM, March 25, 2008

Anonymous Amrita said...

You should also try Reboot. Its on Avenue A between 2nd and 3rd St and the food is really delicious. Its a bit out of the way, but they have really innovative vegetarian, vegan and even some raw dishes that are very reasonably priced. (

8:58 PM, April 01, 2008

Blogger insane scribbler said...

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3:29 PM, April 08, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi evelyn and jim,
thanks for a great blog. your descriptions and photos always make me hungry and little bit homesick (i now live in the vegan unfriendly french alps.) i will be in the states next week, though, and was wondering if you might have any suggestions for any restaurants that are not too far from lga (max 20 minute drive)?
i appreciate your help!
thanks so much,

3:36 PM, April 09, 2008

Blogger kathryn said...

Wow, I just found your blog and I am so impressed. Great writing, great tips, great restaurants -- this is going to make future NYC trips sooo much simpler and more fun. I wish I'd known about it earlier.


11:53 AM, April 25, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come back! Your blog is seriously invaluable to me and I always use it when searching for new places and meals to try. I can no longer make choices on menu items by myself...

2:00 PM, April 27, 2008

Anonymous jj said...

This looks great .. hope to get to NY one day to try out all these goodies, but right now I can share my finds with an Aunt who lives there. Thanks!

1:01 PM, April 29, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evelyn and Jim,
I just found your blog while searching out reviews for vegan restaurants in the city. Thank you for this! My boy and I are always looking for new vegan friendly places to eat.
I am a new avid reader of yours!
Miss Phoebe

12:21 PM, May 07, 2008

Blogger jae said...

oh good! thanks for this review.
i was thinking of having dinner here when i'm in town for my mini tour for my cookbook next month and it's great to have even more info than what i can get through Happy Cow.

6:27 PM, August 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Insider tip comparison between Wild Ginger and Gobo.

Wild Ginger is a cheap knock off of Gobo. Some ex delivery guy from Gobo stole a lot of the recipes and went to open wild ginger to make a buck. Gobo uses a lot quality organic ingredients. Some examples - The juice bar is completely organic, organic risotto, organic raw sugar, organic risotto, etc.

Also - If you look at the details, wild ginger is cheap & you will notice Gobo is much better. At Gobo, 1.2 million was spent to design & construct the restaurant. Gobo uses the finest silverware & serve food on Pillivuyt made plates.

11:40 AM, October 18, 2009


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